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In this blog, we’ll explore the people and events that make the area of the country served by Simmons Bank such an interesting place to live, work and play. Our writers will be on the road across Simmons Country in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee to find stories of interest. It might be a successful high school football team. It might be a restaurant that has been operating for more than 50 years. It might be a volunteer who is considered the heart and soul of his or her community. We hope you find the stories fun to read, and we solicit your feedback.

A Closer Look at Simmons Bank in Tennessee

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John Clark and Paul Willson remember the days when deals were done with a handshake. “Back in the day, people would call on a Friday or even a Saturday morning and say, ‘Hey Paul, I need to buy a dump truck,’” Willson says. “’I’ve got a couple of other things I want to bid on. Can I bid up to $85,000 on it?’ We would just say, ‘Yes, go for it.’” The country has changed since Clark and Willson began their Tennessee banking careers more than four decades ago. It’s fitting that one of their final deals was a bit of a throwback, a deal based on trust and friendship. Clark was the president and chief executive officer of First State Bank of Union City, and Willson was the chairman and chief executive officer of Citizens National Bank at Athens. The two men, who had known each other for more than 20 years, had talked about a merger before Clark and his board decided First State should...

A Closer Look at Simmons Bank in Missouri and Kansas

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Key acquisitions, organic growth and improved efficiency made for a good year in 2016 in Simmons Bank’s Missouri/Kansas region, according to Gary Metzger, the region’s chairman. “Asset quality remains strong, and our loan pipeline continues to grow,” Metzger says. “We were able to lower our cost of funds, and we continue to work hard to enhance our net interest margin. In 2016, we lowered our cost of funds by focusing our growth in transactional accounts. The growth in transactional accounts gave us a more favorable mix of deposits. Our deposits increased, and the cost of the deposits decreased.” Metzger says the region benefited from the recent addition of Karen Karwoski. She joined Simmons in October 2016 as a senior vice president of treasury management in the St. Louis market, but the entire footprint benefited from her knowledge. “We were successful in recruiting a strong,...

A Closer Look at Simmons Bank in Arkansas

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The second half of 2015 saw major changes in Simmons Bank’s Arkansas region. Freddie Black of Lake Village, the Arkansas regional chairman, and the bank’s community presidents spent 2016 instituting new procedures and building additional customer relationships across the state. Black became the Arkansas regional chairman in the summer of 2015 and hired community presidents in two key markets. Rodney West in Fort Smith and Greg Martin in northwest Arkansas were hired on the same day in November 2015. “They’ve both done a great job,” Black says. “They spent 2016 putting their teams together. Both markets are showing really good loan growth. Those guys have roots in the communities where they work. We’re really pleased.” In Fayetteville, Martin dealt with the closure of one branch and the opening of another in a more strategic location. “There’s momentum in northwest Arkansas,” Black...

Q&A with Simmons Bank Chairman and CEO

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The past four years have included major milestones in the illustrious history of Simmons Bank, founded in Pine Bluff, Ark., in 1903. George Makris, Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Simmons First National Corp., recently discussed some of the things that occurred in 2016 and what he sees happening in the years ahead. Q / 2016 was a big year for Simmons’ mergers and acquisitions (M&A) program. Talk about Simmons’ M&A strategy and philosophy. A / We want to continue to expand our community banking network. We can do that in two ways. One is to look for M&A opportunities in markets where we already have a presence in order to gain additional market share. We prefer to find a good partner in those markets. You could see that in our acquisition of Citizens National Bank (Athens, Tenn.) and our pending acquisition of First South Bank (Jackson, Tenn.). The second way to...

Hot Springs Couple Sees Dream Come True With Community Radio Station Pizza Brewery Combo

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In 1999, Zachary Smith was sitting in a coffee shop eating and listening to other underemployed daytime philosophers think about media consolidation, conversation and ideas, and good food when he had an idea. His vision was to house a cafe and a community radio station under the same roof. While Smith traveled the world building skills, the idea stayed on the back burner. Smith and Cheryl Roorda, married in 2002, will see the vision come to life early this summer when they open SQZBX, a brewery and pizza joint in Hot Springs, Ark. The restaurant will be in the same historic building as solar powered community radio station KUHS-LP Hot Springs, 97.9 FM, which the couple has operated with Low Key Arts since 2015. “It was really just a dream,” Smith says. “But now almost 20 years later, here we are.” The building is downtown on Ouachita Avenue. On one side is the broadcast booth and some...

Longtime Union City Superintendent in Final Semester of Career

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Gary Houston can relate to what the members of the Union City High School senior class in Union City, Tenn., are going through.  They’re counting the days before a major new period in their lives, and Houston is doing the same.  Houston announced in late 2016 that this would be his final school year after serving as superintendent for 20 years.  “I know what those seniors are experiencing,” he says. “It’s the reality of the second semester starting and knowing you won’t pass this way again.”  Houston, 65, has worked in education for 43 years, including 39 as an administrator. His wife retired from the district as a high school English teacher three years ago.  “People sometimes talk about athletes staying in a sport too long,” Houston says. “I don’t think I’m there yet, but I don’t want people to say, ‘Is that old man still there?’ We’ve accomplished some really good things. I say ‘we’...

Nashville Title Company Owner Sticks With Family Tradition

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There wasn’t much doubt which profession Chris Corriveau would pursue. Corriveau grew up in Florida surrounded by family who were involved the real estate title business. His father and stepmother owned a title company and aunts and uncles were also involved in the industry. “That was kind of what we always talked about and did,” Corriveau says. “Our family reunions were super boring because all we talked about was real estate stuff. When I was a kid, I was at the office late at night working and making copies. It was just natural I moved into this line of work.” Corriveau has put those decades of experience to work in Nashville as the owner of Midtown Title. He has been the sole owner of the company since 2006 and also has an office in Franklin and Murfreesboro, Tenn. “It is gratifying, but it is a lot of hard work,” he says. “It hasn’t come easy or fallen into my lap. It is because...

More Than 200 Attend Simmons Bank Agri Summit

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More than 200 farmers and other agriculture professionals turned out for the second annual Simmons Bank Agri Summit on Jan. 25 at the Pine Bluff Convention Center in Pine Bluff, Ark.  Those in attendance could visit with vendors at their booths, attend various programs and eat barbecue at lunch. “We’re proud to sponsor this event,” said Tommy Jarrett, Simmons Bank’s community president in Lake Village, Ark. “We finance more than 280,000 acres and are the largest agriculture lender in the state. We take a lot of satisfaction in that.” Richard Brock of Brock & Associates, one of the top agricultural marketing consultants in the country, served as the keynote speaker. Brock is the publisher of The Brock Report, a 20-page weekly commodity newsletter. “Richard Brock is a big deal in the ag world,” Jarrett said. “There’s nowhere else in southeast Arkansas you’re going to get to hear...